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  1. scott ernst

    I am trying to access the portal like I do every month to add my stats for the month and landed on this page saying that i do not have permission

    1. Hurley Price - Mentor Church of Christ

      I am trying to access the portal like I do every week. I signed in but cannot get in to agency portal to add my stats for today.

  2. Beverly Leverette - Southeast Seventh Day

    Trying do order food and the system keeps kicking me back to the login screen

  3. Bryan Kennedy

    Hello anyone else that ends up on this page due to a Portal redirection or login-loop error. We are currently building a work order for our IT Department to address these unique issues. Please feel free to contact me so I may log your info and further build the work order.

    Thank you.
    PS. We are not stuck in a time loop. It is not 2013, 8 years ago. Today is 9/16/2021. I’m not sure what is going on with the comment dates.

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